Conformable to fact; correct; exact; actual; genuine; honest.
In one sense, that only is "true" which is conformable to the actual state of things. In that sense, a statement is "untrue" which does not express things exactly as they are. But in another and broader sense the word "true" is often used as a synonym of "honest", "sincere", not "fraudulent." Zolintakis v. Equitable Life Assur. Soc. of United States, C.C.A.Utah, 108 F.2d 902, 905; Moulor v. American Life Ins. Co., Ill U.S. 335, 4 S.Ct. 466, 28 L.Ed. 447
@ true admission
A formal act done in course of judicial proceedings which waives or dispenses with production of evidence by conceding for purposes of litigation that proposition of fact alleged by opponent is true. Maltz v. Jackoway-Katz Cap Co., 336 Mo. 1000, 82 S.W.2d 909, 917.
See also admission
@ true bill
The endorsement made by a grand jury upon a bill of indictment, when they find it sustained by the evidence laid before them, and are satisfied of the truth of the accusation. The endorsement made by a grand jury when they find sufficient evidence to warrant a criminal charge. An indictment
@ true copy
A true copy does not mean an absolutely exact copy but means that the copy shall be so true that anybody can understand it.
@ true, public, and notorious
These three qualities were formally predicated in the libel in the ecclesiastical courts, of the charges which it contained, at the end of each article severally
@ true value
For tax assessment purposes, term refers to the market value of the property at fair and bona fide sale at private contract, and is in essence the value property has in exchange for money. City of Newark v. West Milford Tp., Passaic County, 9 N.J. 295, 88 A.2d 211, 214.
In condemnation proceedings, is market value or price which would be agreed upon at voluntary sale between willing seller and willing purchaser, taking into consideration all available uses to which land might be put, as well as all factors, which lead to reimbursement for loss caused by taking. State Through Dept. of Highways v. Poulan, La.App., 160 So.2d 387, 388.
See also market value
- true value rule
+ true value
As referring to value at which property must be assessed, is price which would be paid therefor on assessing date to willing seller, not compelled to sell, by willing purchaser, not compelled to purchase. New York Bay R. Co. v. Kelly, 22 N.J.Misc. 204, 37 A.2d 624, 628.
@ true value rule
Under this rule, one who subscribes for and receives corporate stock must pay therefor the par value thereof either in money or in money's worth, so that the real assets of the corporation shall at least square with its books, and whenever, whether by fraud, accident or mistake, the true value of property, labor or services received in payment does not equal par value, stock is deemed unpaid for to the full extent of the difference, and holders are liable to creditors for the difference, notwithstanding good faith of directors. Johansen v. St. Louis Union Trust Co., 345 Mo. 135, 131 S.W.2d 599, 603
@ true verdict
The voluntary conclusion of the jury after deliberate consideration, and it is none the less a true verdict because the respective jurors may have been liberal in concessions to each other, if conscientiously and freely made. A verdict is not a "true verdict," when it is the result of any arbitrary rule or order, whether imposed by themselves, or by the court or officer in charge.

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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